Approved SEMA Inspector

Approved SEMA Inspector

Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association(SEMA) approved racking inspector (SARI) with over 30 years experience within the storage equipment industry, specialising in undertaking approved rack inspections, rack inspection training, rack maintenance training and cantilever inspection courses held at your premises, to enable your personnel to undertake internal inspections and maintenance of you storage systems, as well as conducting adjustable pallet racking, long span, single or multi-tier shelving and cantilever inspections on your behalf annually or as required by you, to ensure your racking remains serviceable and fit for the purpose to facilitate the continued and effective operation of your business.

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racking inspections are undertaken by a SEMA Approved Inspector

  • We offer impartial rack inspections by a SEMA Approved Inspector (SARI) Nationwide
  • Safety training and maintenance of racking is a essential part of your business.
  • Inspections of racking are required to satisfy legal requirements,
  • Our racking inspection and training service will ensure that you have the correct procedures in place that are compliant with current legislation
  • Our SEMA approved inspectors have 30 years experience in the racking industry
  • We will provide you with a detailed report and guidance and recommendations
  • Pallet Racking is covered by current Health and Safety Legislation.

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Over 30 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance and training .

Rack Training and Inspections

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