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The End User Guide To Pallet Racking Inspections

The Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) recommends that your racking is inspected regularly, frequently and competently by your appointed (PRRS) Person Responsible for Racking Safety to ensure that all risks can be identified and assessed.

Such inspections should be undertaken weekly but their frequency can be based on factors such as the amount of damage and seriousness.

The course is designed to make either your new to or present (PRRS) aware of how to asses damage under the green, amber, red coding of all components within the racking structure and how each component works in making it safe to use during operations.

Other aspects include legislation, safe working clearances, rack protection, post installation inspections (what to look out for), the importance of load notices and specific design criteria to be achieved.

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Our Rack training courses

An R.T.I  certificate will be issued upon successful completion of all of the below courses and will be valid for a three year period

The End User Guide to Pallet Racking Inspections

This course is designed to make your Person Responsible for Rack Safety  (PRRS)  competent to enable them  to assess damage of all components within the racking structure and how each component works in making it safe during operations.

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Pallet Racking Maintenance Course

This course is designed to give your maintenance team the knowledge through both classroom and a practical demonstration of how to undertake minor repairs and maintenance of your storage system.

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Cantilever Racking Inspection Course

This training course is designed to highlight the key area the end user should assess on a regular basis in order to maintain cantilever equipment in a safe working condition.

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